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Welcome to Team Basework’s Virtual Pole Dance Class Schedule! Whether you’re an aspiring pole dancer or a seasoned pro, we have virtual pole dance classes for all levels. Immerse yourself in the art of pole dance from the comfort of your home, and experience our interactive live classes led by world-class instructors.


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Pole Dance Class Schedule


Claudia Renee: Flex (All Levels)

Looking to get flexible and increase your endurance and strength? This class is for you! Claudia will lead you through PNF stretching technique (with an emphasis on active flexibility) and […]

Lisa Michelle: Stripped Choreo (INT)

Improve your stripper-style technique & classique flow with a choreo guaranteed to make it rain at your tip rail! Prereqs: ability to invert, hang from one-arm, and comfortable in heels. […]

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Dalton Rhodes: Molasses Flow (BEG, INT)

Join Dalton for a sequence based class designed to milk the most out of every moment. We will spend time discussing the technique and posture required to ooze through our movement. […]

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Baila Jennie: Latin Polesque (BEG, INT)

A pole dance style that infuses sexy burlesque inspired movements and gives it a Latin twist. Combining many different dance disciplines such as Tango, Rumba, Salsa, and applying it to […]

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Claudia Renee: Flow State Legs & Lines (All Levels)

Join Claudia's weekly sequenced based flow class and learn how to seamlessly combine transitions. We will focus on extending through our lines and flowing through our extensions. You will be […]

Tia Jax: Ethereal Flow LITE (INT)

Lift, shift, rotate and indulge in every shape you pass through. This static pole class will focus on a variety of low flow sequences. Transform your movement into magic and […]

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Wes Marxs: Flowing Low (BEG, INT)

In this no heels class, we're gonna explore a sequence with musicality, floorwork technique and some dynamic and/or acro transitions in the low level of the Pole. Spins, pull ups, […]

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August 30th-September 1st, 2024

Hosted By Shine Fitness Studio
in Fort Worth, Texas

Doris Arnold – Claudia Renée – Abigail Humphries – Jakub Kolasa – Tia Jax – AnnaKia – Dalton Rhodes