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Welcome to Team Basework’s Virtual Pole Dance Class Schedule! Whether you’re an aspiring pole dancer or a seasoned pro, we have virtual pole dance classes for all levels. Immerse yourself in the art of pole dance from the comfort of your home, and experience our interactive live classes led by world-class instructors.


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Pole Dance Class Schedule


Jazzy K: Heels Fluidity & Transitions (INT)

In this class you will learn a sequence in heels that will make you feel like you’re flowing like water.The focus will be on your technique and connection of movement […]

Jamaica: Beast Choreo (INT, ADV)

In this Pole Choreo class, you will be learning low flow, spins and transitions that will be stitched together in one routine. This class will help you improve your musicality, […]

Claudia Renee: Basework Tricks (INT, ADV)

Grab your knee pads and heels and join Claudia for a dynamic tricks workshop at the base of your pole. We will incorporate splits, ballistic movement and aesthetics to create […]

Poler Abi: Werk & Flow Russian Style Choreo (INT)

This choreography class will incorporate both sides of Russian Style; Flow & Hard.Flow, where movement seamlessly melts from one transition to the next, paying close attention to musicality, and clean […]

Abbey Eff: Twists & Threads (All Levels, BEG, INT)

Join Abbey Eff while she teaches a super slinky low flow sequence focusing on unexpected thread throughs, turns & twists. Pre-requisites: comfortable in heels & familiar with pirouettes. Heels & Knee Pads […]

Claudia Renee: Flow State Legs & Lines (All Levels)

Join Claudia's weekly sequenced based flow class and learn how to seamlessly combine transitions. We will focus on extending through our lines and flowing through our extensions while challenging our […]

Tia Jax: Ethereal Flow LITE (INT)

Lift, shift, rotate and indulge in every shape you pass through. This static pole class will focus on a variety of low flow sequences. Transform your movement into magic and […]

Mischka: Heels Flow Tricks (INT, ADV)

In this class you'll learn a fluid, slinky heels based choreography that will incorporate acro and static rotation elements, so thigh skin is advised! There will be a big focus […]

Claudia Renee: Flooreo (All Levels)

Join Claudia for an ultra sexy floor routine. She will guide you through patterns of flow, sensual connection and technique all put together in a perfectly timed routine full of […]

Toni Walker: Spinning Through Spaces (BEG, INT)

Welcome to the world of SPIN POLE. This class will be sequence based and will challenge your dynamic movement, momentum and strength. Toni Walker aka “Floating Through Spaces” will guide […]