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Claudia Renee presents Team Basework. An exotic pole dancing movement style designed for all levels! As a member you gain access to exclusive tutorials, one-on-one training, discounts to artist collars featuring dancing from all over the world,  LIVE classes and more! 




CHE, Los Angeles

Claudia Renee and Team Basework transformed my life through empowerment. She taught me I could be a dancer at any age and have complete agency over my body. Her direction and teaching styles are nurturing, creative, aware, joyous, and disciplined. She is a visionary who will push to find and sustain your inner sensuality. I'm forever grateful for Claudia's transformative spirit and beautiful work ethic. 

ADITI, India

I’ve been taking privates from Claudia for a couple of months. Initially I wanted to focus on exotic techniques since I never formally took any heels class. I have now taken classes from her requesting everything under the sun and have never been disappointed. We’ve worked on floorwork, flexibility, flows, handstands and more. I was very shy in my first class and Claudia provided me with a safe space where I could really be myself and not be judged. She’s extremely encouraging and is always prepared for anything I throw at her. (Sometimes I requested a topic on the spot & she was always up for anything). She’s patient and a great listener. Claudia takes the class at the learner’s pace and I have never left her class with a bad mood. She inspires me with the way she flows but also as a human being. 100/10 would recommend. 

LUCINDA, Los Angeles

I started working with Claudia in March of this year. As a new student, it was important for me to have an instructor who knows how to explain everything, not just how to do it. Claudia far exceeded my expectations and continues to do so every single time I take her class. Whether it’s a group class or a private, she knows how to make every student feel seen and understood and she comes up with creative, innovative new routines every time. She never ceases to amaze! I’ve never had an instructor like her, in dance or in life. Absolutely recommend!

Ashley, Colorado 

What makes Claudia stand out amongst our industry's finest is her attitude, professionalism and uniquely formulated teaching style. Claudia is unlike anyone else; she is one of a kind. She never repeats the same old same old, she invents completely new routines and combos to keep things fresh. You can tell that she is overly prepared for each lesson because it runs seamless and no question leaves her stumped. Whether you are new or a seasoned pole dancer like myself, you will always find a challenge and grow. She also has a depth of knowledge about the body and how movement works. She is a master of performing and teaches her students how to not only look good, but feel good doing it. She is not limited to the most amazingly timed choreo out there, but she also can trick it up hard core. She is able to create the most incredibly fun and well timed choreo out there... and it is such a blast learning her routines. I live for her routines and her positive attitude. If you haven't taken one of her classes, what are you waiting for honey?!"

LISA, Los Angeles

"Claudia and Team Basework" have mastered the very difficult art of online pole dance instruction. Claudia understands the challenges of trying to learn via video, anticipates what her clients need, and makes it so much easier to understand and enjoy this type of learning. She's extremely focused, notices all her students' experiences and levels, and gives clear instruction and corrections that make immediate sense, eliminating what can be a frustrating way of learning. Her enthusiasm and presence make it ALMOST like being live in the studio!