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Wed, May 19
Heel Flowetry w/ Tia Jax (ALL LEVELS)
Thu, May 20
Flow State Pirouettes and Turns w/ Claudia (ALL LEVELS)
Fri, May 21
Basework Tricks w/ Claudia (Int/Adv)
Mon, May 24
Heels Flow w/ Jazzy K (INT)
Wed, May 26
Flooreo w/ Claudia (High Beg+)
Thu, May 27
Flow State Spreads & Threads w/ Claudia (ALL LEVELS)
Fri, May 28
Work The Base Choreo w/ Claudia (Int/Adv)
Wed, Jun 02
Basics Are Golden with ESTE (all levels)
Mon, Jun 07
Flow Your Stretch with Tash (All Levels)
Wed, Jun 09
Basework Tricks with Claudia (Int/Adv)
Thu, Jun 10
Flow State Illusions with Claudia (All Levels)
Mon, Jun 14
Fierce In Heels with Kayla (Beg/Int)
Thu, Jun 17
Flow State Slides and Glides with Claudia (All Levels)
Wed, Jun 23
Heel Flowetry with Tia (All Levels)
Thu, Jun 24
Flow State Splits and Hips with Claudia (All Levels)
Mon, Jun 28
Heels Flow with Jazzy (Int)
Wed, Jun 30
Basework Tricks with Claudia (Int/Adv)
Luna Zhang