Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my recording of class if I purchased and couldn't make it?

If you haven't received it within 72 hours, check your junk mail. Everyone will receive a recording if they purchased class.

Can I get a Recording of Zoom classes after they happen?

If you register for class before the class is held, you will automatically receive a recording no more than 6 hours after class completes. If you missed the cut off, visit the "Classes" + "Past Recordings" tab to request access. 

I'm a New Monthly Basecamp Member. How do I access tutorials?

Simply click the "members" tab on the menu bar + "Basecamp" and you will immediately access all your tutorials.

I just purchased a tutorial via "Pay Per View". How do I access it?

Your tutorial will be accessible in the same place your purchased, on the PPV page. 

What is the difference between Zoom classes and tutorials? 

Tutorials are pre-recorded & edited lessons. Zoom classes are hour+ long classes in a live setting. You may expect some interruptions in the record as the instructor tends to students who were live.

What do I get access to with a Monthly Basecamp Membership?

You will get access to all tutorials on you see on the "Pay per view" page + 1 free zoom drop in class of your choice per month (this excludes collabs, series or specialty workshops).

What do I get access to with a Monthly Zoom Membership?

You can register for any regular drop in classes (excluding collabs or specialty workshops priced over $22). + You get access to the "Zoom Channel" full of old class recordings!

what are collaborations?

these are classes Claudia hosts with her featured exotic guest via zoom. You will learn 90+ minutes of choreography. They occur bi-weekly.

Can I get access to past collabs?

We have a page "Collab Replays" with edited Zoom classes of past collabs. Once a collab airs, you can expect it to be uploaded within 2-3 months.

When you become a monthly member, do you get automatic access to past tutorials?

Yes! You will get access to past tutorials + 4 more monthly. 

How Long are Zoom recordings accessible?

You can download and keep them forever, but you must do so within 72 hours of class completing.