About Claudia

She is an internationally recognized pole dancer who started her career in 2009 at a small studio in Texas. She quickly fell in love with the dance form, started teaching 3 months after her first class and began competing almost immediately after that. She discovered the dance form during her 2nd year at University and found pole to be a stress relief and a source of therapy while she was earning her degree in Nutrition and Small Business Entrepreneurship. When she decided to quit her full-time job and commit fully to building her career as a pole dancer, this shift guided her to Los Angeles where she competed Nationally for the first time. She won first place, and landed the job offer of her dreams working for "BeSpun", right in the heart of Hollywood. 

When she's not in L.A., she's traveling the world teaching her craft.

She has currently taught workshops and performed in over 15 countries, and one of her most recent accomplishments was training actress Constance Wu for the movie "Hustlers."


She has created this online platform to serve every pole dancer in the community from the comfort of their own homes, and to help them better their Basework practice!


Team Basework LLC offers a safe, inclusive space that supports LGBTQ, SEX WORKERS, & ALL RACES AND ETHNICITIES. 


What is "Basework", you ask? It's a pole dancing movement style appropriate for all levels performed at the bottom of the pole. Here at "TM", we've created tutorials, a live stream channel, and an easy to use platform to help you excel in basework movement. Join the Team today for new monthly tutorials, private events and more!